Past events and meetings

Events from 2016 and before were held under the name of JIBS.

Save the time of the (e)reader: easier access for all?
25th June 2018 at JISC Collections offices in Brettenham House, London

‘What does your eResources data really tell you?’ and sherif AGM
27th February 2018 at CILIP Headquarters, London

Developing approaches to simplifying licensing for partnerships
19th June 2017 at JISC Collections offices in Brettenham House, London

Accessibility and e-content: is it fit for purpose for the 21st century user?
24th February 2017 at CILIP Headquarters, London

Value for Money in Research Support: Perplexing problems, practical solutions
8th July 2016 at JISC Collections offices in Brettenham House, London.

ePub3: a vision for the future? How are we going to get there?
26th February 2016 at Student Central, London.

“Get it sorted…positive approaches to non-standard access” – the challenges of licence agreements, mobile devices and eResources
13th July 2015 at JISC Collections offices in Brettenham House, London.

Technology will not defeat us: offering a great service in difficult times. JIBS event and AGM
26th February 2015, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Make do and mend: alternative routes to information
22nd July 2014, Birkbeck, London

Licensed to death? Are your contracts killing collaboration? JIBS event and AGM
2nd April 2014, Hughes Parry Hall, London

The joys and perils of Ebooks, we thought it would be easier!
26th November 2013, Hughes Parry Hall, London

New dawn: the changing resource discovery landscape
25th February 2013, SOAS, London

Demystifying research data: don't be scared, be prepared
17th July 2012, SOAS, London

Back to the future and into the cloud
24th February 2012, SOAS, London

Research evaluation - is it our business? Librarians in the brave new world of research evaluation.
29th June 2011, University of Birmingham

Working together in difficult times: strategies for e-resource budgeting, negotiation and collection review.
2nd December 2010, Kings' Manor, York

Where now for resource licensing?
16th June 2010, SOAS, London